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  • Decades of experience, established reputation

    Decades of experience, established reputation
  • Helpful, friendly service

    Helpful, friendly service
  • Thousands of happy clients

    Thousands of happy clients
  • International clients

    International clients
  • More than 12.000 Items per auction

    More than 12.000 Items per auction

Auction Selling

Terms and conditions

Auctions biweekly Details

Cash buying

Buying or consigning in a nutshell

If you would like to hand in your item for auction or sell it, you can easily do it personally in our office Details

Why choose us?

Stable professional background and wide clientage

Decades of experience, established reputation helps the best sale Details

What are we buying?

Almost everything but still....

Stamps, letters, postcards, banknotes and coins, antiq books, chinawares... Details


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about your items for sale. Details


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16 Andrássy St, Budapest 1061 Hungary Details

Auction Selling

Auction regulation
Auctions every two week

We organize online auctions twice a month (the first and the third Thursday of each month) and two major auctions a year in philately and postal history, postcards, numismatics, paper antiques, books, manuscripts, and other collectibles (such as porcelain, gold- and silver items, paintings and graphics, etc). For the exact dates please check the Events calendar.

We accept for auction and buy complete collections, sets and valuable singles, lots and legacies.

Minimum starting prices

Online auction 1 000 HUF
Major auction 3 000 HUF

If you, the seller want to make the description for your item please prepare it carefully, the item description should be in comply with the item. The seller is fully responsipble for originality, quality and origins. After seller and Darabanth Co. came to an agreement about the details and important aspects of the item, the description can be made by Darabanth Auctions for free. Categorization of bigger collection can be az exception, those can be made by special price for which you can ask at . There is no fee for item packing, photos or any hidden costs.

We charge a handling fee for every item at our auctions and major auctions: 360 HUF for the first time and 120 HUF after the first time.
For certain items (objects) the handling fee is 600 HUF for the first time and 200 HUF after the first time. This includes flea market items, picture frames, framed paintings, graphics, porcelain and ceramic sets, stamp collections, albums.
We use individual handling fee for particularly large items and collections.

Also we charge a consigner's commission after every sold item which is calculated in % from the starting price and charged from the hammer price.
Important! We will put the unsold items to every second auction. If you do not want this, please let us know either in advance or by the end of the sale of the unsold lots, and take the items within two weeks of settlement. If this not happens for two months we can be put the unsold items back to auction with a maximum of -20% discount!

If the item is sold, there is a comission for every sold item, which depends on the starting price. (The auction fee includes making professional photo and description about the item.)

Please see the comissions below:

Seller comissions

From (HUF) To (HUF) Comission (%)
1 000 HUF 20 000 HUF 20%
22 000 HUF 200 000 HUF 16%
220 000 HUF 1 000 000 HUF 12%
1 100 000 HUF   9%

These conditions apply to all our auctions.

If you have a rare or extraordinaly valuable collection, a special agreement with discounted comissions and payment terms can be made.

Download the form for consigning in: pdf

Purchase price list for modern face value stamps: pdf


Cash buying

Buying and consigning process
If you would like to hand in your item for auction or sell it, you can easily do it personally in our office.

If you would like to sell your items in person, you get cash payment for the items right after having an agreement with our experts. If you would like to hand in the item for an auction, you just need to fill in a Consignment form with our experts.

If you are not able to come in personally, it is possible to send them as a package. In this case please always contact us first via e-mail ( ) or via phone (+36 1) 266-4154 or (+36 1) 317-4757. If you had an agreement about the items, and every aspect is clear, you can send the items by post. Please note, that Darabanth co. does not responsible for any damage caused by the shipping.

There is no need to reserve an appointment but in case planning to sell or hand in large collections, it is best to previously call or write to us. You can discuss the details with our experts on the following phone number:

Phone: (+36 1) 266-4154 vagy (+36 1) 317-4757
Fax: (+36 1) 318-4035

Collection area extension

Area extension
Stamps, postcards, postal history 20
Paper antiques, numismatics, coins, medals, shares 12
Paintings and graphics, art objects, books, paper antiques, chinaware, other collectibles 21

Please note that you should bring your ID, residence card, and tax card because otherwise it is not possible to pay cash.

If you are coming from afar

It could be a good idea to previously send an e-mail to (ideally with some pictures about the items). Our experts will contact you as soon as possible to harmonize the details.

Send a picture

It is not possible to give precise valuation via phone or e-mail because it is always necceseraly to see it personally to valuate the price, but the photo can help predict if its worth bring or send them to our office or not.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Why choose us?

Steady professional background
Decades of experience, established reputation

  • Because we immediately pay in cash, for the actual best price
  • Because we buy almost every collecting area in one place
  • Because our experts are happy to advise you
  • Because our continuous help you get your money as soon as possible
  • Because we have a wide variety of clients from Hungary and all over the world
  • Because we have fair commissions
  • Because we help you with professional descriptions and a clear and complete catalogue
  • Because contrary to other online markets we have a stable professional background and wide clientage
  • Because one auction only costs 360 HUF (Less than 1 EUR)
  • Because we dont have photo or package fees
  • Because we have a clear and traceable online system
  • Because payout is easy and fast


What are we buying?

Almost everything but still...
Stamps, covers, postcards, banknotes and coins, old books, chinaware...

  • Stamps: old and new ones, Hungarian and international
  • Covers, letters
  • Banknotes and coins
  • Medals and decorations
  • Plaquettes and medallion
  • Old shares and bonds
  • Books, prints (primarly before 1945)
  • Manuscripts and paper antiques
  • Chinaware and ceramics (Zsolnay, Herendi, Alt-Wien, Meisseni etc.)
  • Paintings and graphics, statuettes from antique to contemporary
  • Silver and gold ornaments
  • Other art objects (statues, ornaments, old household objects)
  • Watches and jewels
  • Other small objects



Frequently Asked Questions

Do your experts comes to me personally?
In case of bigger collections or valuable items it is possible to arrange a viewing at your home. Please call us and you can descuss the details via phone. Please note, that there will be many questions about the details before the meeting.

Do I need to have an appointment before coming in your office?
No, there is no need to make an appointment before coming to us, however if you have a bigger collection (heavy and large lots) which you would like to sell its better to have a phone call with our experts in advance.

How much does a valuation costs?
Its free, we are not charging any valuation fee. Exceptions could be the catalogisation of especially huge collections, which we can also happy to make, but you should have a previous agreement with our experts. Valuation via phone or e-mail is not possible!

Where should I bring my items?
Stamps, numismatics, medals, postcars: First floor Paintings and graphics, books, photography, paper antiques, chinaware, art objects: Third floor.

Which paper do I need for selling?
Your ID card is certainly needed, but its good to have your residence card and tax card on you too.

Is it possible to immediately sell my items?
Of course. It is possible to immediately sell your items if you would like to. We buy for our auctions for cash but you can decide to give in the items for auction too, we are happy to help you and discuss all the possibilites.

In case of huge collections or huge items is it enough to send pictures?
Its a good idea to send photos previously before you are bring them in, so our experts can decide if its worth or not.

My coin which I would like to sell is dirty. Should I clean it?
Definately not! Not professional cleaning can decrease the value of your item, it is possible to make damage. Please also take care about stamps, papers, banknotes and other papers and never fold them because it can also decrease their value.

When can I get my money after you sell them on an auction?
After closing an auction, the remaining items are still on sell for a few days. After the auction we need about two weeks before we can pay you. (For example, if the auction is closed on the 1st of the month we will pay from the 19th of the month, in case of closing an auction on the 15th of a month we can pay you on the 4th of the next month) You can always find current information about paying and the closing of an auction on our main page.



Close to the Opera
Hungary, Budapest, Andrássy av. 16. 1061

Address: Hungary, Budapest, Andrássy av. 16. 1061
Mailing address: P.O. Box No. 979. Budapest 1244
Phone: (+36 1) 266-4154 or (+36 1) 317-4757
Fax: (+36 1) 318-4035
Opening hours: Mo: 12-17 / Tu-We: 10-17 / Th: 10-19 / Fr: closed / weekends: closed

Department extensions

Area extension
Costumer service, bidding 13/14
Shipping 15
Stamp, postcard 20
Numismatics 12
Paintings and graphics, art objects, books, paper antiques, chinaware, other 21
Handling of debts 18


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  • Monday: 12-17
  • Tuesday-Wednesday: 10-17
  • Thursday: 10-19
  • Friday: closed
  • Weekend: closed

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